Scholarship Application
Applications are due May 1 for Spring Graduation and Dec 1 for Fall Graduation.
The Denton-Lake Cities Rotary Club Vocational Committee
will be selecting the Scholarship recipients and announcing awards
at the graduation ceremonies for each semester.
The Denton Lake Cities Rotary Club has been providing scholarship awards to graduating Seniors for years. We have given over $108,000 in awards over the past 12 plus years. The Denton-Lake Cities Rotary Club Vocation Committee members perform extensive work and effort to select the deserving students.

The funds for these scholarships come primarily from Denton-Lakes Cities Rotary Club Flag program.
To be eligible for a scholarship, you must be a member of a Denton Lake Cities Rotary sponsored Interact Club. Denton-Lake Cities Rotary Club sponsored Interact Club members who complete the Scholarship Application will be considered.
Timeline for Application
Applications are due December 1 for a Fall graduation and May 1 for a Spring gradation.
Amount of Scholarship Award
The amount of the scholarship will vary from $500 to $1000
When will the award of the scholarships take place?
The award of the Denton Lake Cities Rotary Club Scholarships will take place at the graduation ceremonies for the fall or spring semester.
Qualifications for the Scholarship
These scholarships are intended to further our Interact members education beyond high school. They can be used for expenses associated with attending a community college, a four-year university, or other qualified vocational training school.
Letters of Recommendations
Applicants need to submit two letters of recommendation from teachers and or employers when they submit their application. The letters of recommendation are to be uploaded by clicking this button.
Be sure to click the submit button
once the letters have been uploaded
Scholarship Application Form Submittal

Please complete the form below. Once you have responded to every question, be sure you have scrolled to the bottom of form and click the "Submit" button to send us your application.