One of the Denton-Lake City Rotary member favorite projects is the Dictionary Program.
Every fall, for the last 22 years, the Denton-Lake Cities Rotary Club hands out a dictionary to third graders. This year we are distributing 2700 dictionaries to the 3rd-grade classes in 25 schools in Denton ISD, 2 in Sanger, 3 in Argyle, 3 in Lake Dallas, and 2 in Krum. Pat Smith, DLCRC Community Service Chair, and Cathy Henderson, Youth Services organized the team to put the Rotary stickers in every dictionary. The stickers identify the dictionary as a gift from the Denton Lake-Cities Rotary Club.
Why, in this day of learning technology, would an old fashion paper dictionary be important to today's third graders? The educators at these schools tell us that the process of looking up a word is still the most effective way of language learning. It teaches alphabetical organization and allows students to learn other words in the process.
There are other reasons that dictionaries are still the best teaching methods for students. In some cases, the dictionary will be the only book they have at home. In other cases, homes do not have WiFi for access to digital technology.
If you want to help your community, you can start by visiting our website or join us for breakfast at the Oakmont Country Club, Corinth TX every Tuesday morning.