Our August 18 speaker, Jaime Blantan,  shared with our members the great work of the Cumberland Youth and Family Services organization does in support of the organizations mission to provide stable housing, counseling and support services for youth, young adults and families.
Denton-Lake Cities Rotary, a morning club was pleased to provide the Cumberland Youth and Family Services with a donation. Jaime Blantan spoke with us about the tremendous works this organization does. Cumberland Youth and Family Services, located in Denton, offers a compassionate community for those who need a safe place to call home.
They support children, youth, young adults and families so they can thrive. Their agency provides stable housing, counseling, and supportive services that are age-appropriate, personalized to meet specific needs. Their aim is to offer hope and promote healing so those we serve know they belong. Our goal is for our residents to feel empowered and equipped to with the tools and resources they need to follow their dreams.
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