Shiloh Field joined the Denton-Lake Cities Rotary breakfast club to talk to us about the tremendous need the Shiloh Gardens fills as the largest community garden in America,
, all the food is locally grown and ethically sourced. Over 340,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables have been grown over the last 13 years! The harvests are donated to Denton Community Food Center, Denton Food Pantry, Friends of the Family, Cumberland Family Services, and Our Daily Bread, to name a few. Shiloh Field was founded in 2011 by Gene Gumfory when he decided he wanted to plant a garden that would feed hungry people. The first year he harvested 12,071 lbs. of food. The second year the harvest was 23,453 lbs. Volunteers are needed to keep this dream going. If you would like to volunteer to work in the garden log onto