We take the best possible care of the flags we put out for out subscribers during the holidays.
But, over time, the flags take a beating from wind, rain and sun. These flags and their staffs need repair. Prior to Independance Day, Members of the Denton-Lake Cities Rotary club came out to the "Flag Barn" to repair flags used in the Flag Program.
The Flag Program is currently the Denton-Lake Cities Rotary Clubs’ largest fundraiser. The flag distribution is done on all the National holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Flag Day, Labor Day, Patriot (9/11) Day and Veterans Day, and the Texas weather takes its toll on the flags and regular upkeep is needed.
The above photo's represent just a small portion of the volunteer work done in conjunction with our flag program. There are hundereds of hours invested by member volunteers and partner community volunteers taking the flags to our subscribers and returning them to the flag barn after the holiday. We are thankful for our volunteers and our subscribers for making this such a successful program for the community and our club.
The Denton-Lake Cities Rotary Club is a service organization dedicated to helping those in the community, locally and internationally. If you would like to find out more about the good works Rotary does, please visit www.dentonlakecitiesrotary.com. To purchase a flag subscription, use the link in the menu bar of the website.