Members of the DLCRC Buddy Bench committee turned several trash bags filled with almost 1.5 ton of plastic bottle caps into 5 park benches on their May 2nd trip to Indiana.
Lest you think there may have been some magic in those plastic caps they found, please know there were several volunteer hours spent collecting, sorting, removing labels and categorizing the materials we delivered to the Indiana based recycler.
This recycling firm has a unique product offering for organizations such as ours. If we bring them the materials cleaned of labels and sorted, they simply weigh the materials and and give you the equivalent value in park benches that they have created from someone else's recycled plastics. The bags of plastic caps they receive from us are emptied into a grinder that the material into a pellet or powder form that can then be processed into plastic lumber and used in molds to create the back and leg supports for the bench.
The Denton-Lake Cities Rotary Club is doing its part to protect and preserve our environment through this project. We are making good use or the trash we collect in parks and roads while removing from the trash stream that goes to the landfill the non-biodegradable trash.